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The Power of “Yes, And”: How Improv Can Transform Your Acting and On-Camera Skills

Acting for the Professional World: Part 1, On-Camera

Starts March 30, 2-5pm for 4 Weeks

Are you an adult actor who’s had some training and looking to break into the professional entertainment industry? Or maybe you’re an actor who’s hit a bit of a roadblock in their career and looking for a fresh start? In either case, we have a class that’s perfect for you!

This 4 week class is designed to give you a comprehensive overview of an on-camera career. We’ll help you reinforce and refine your acting and audition techniques, develop your characters, prepare scenes, discuss headshots and resumes, help you understand your rights on set, union vs nonunion projects and teach you how to audition for different mediums such as TV/film and commercials.

So, what are you waiting for? Join us and let us help you achieve the career you want.

$175 (Ages 18+, Limit 10 Persons)

Acting for the Professional World: Part 2, On-Stage

Starts April 27, 2-5pm for 4 Weeks

This 4-week course is the perfect next step to take towards building a successful career in theatre. We will cover various topics, including the business of acting and strategies for accessing the local theatre community, including how to find auditions, connect with directors, and build relationships with other actors.

We will teach you the process of auditioning for theatre, from the initial general auditions to invited calls and callbacks. We’ll work on improving your monologue preparation skills and scene work in class. Additionally, we’ll help you gain an understanding of how a professional rehearsal process typically works, so you’ll be ready to start working as soon as you book your first professional play.

By the end of this course, you will have a solid foundation for building a thriving career in the world of theatre.

$175 (Ages 18+, Limit 10 Persons)

In-Person Audition Prep with Eric Goins

Putting “play” back in the audition process.

An innovative approach to acting designed to help actors develop their creativity, spontaneity, and collaboration skills. Actors will learn to think on their feet, connect with their scene partners, and create dynamic performances. Perfect for actors who want to improve their audition skills, develop their ability to create characters and bring a sense of “play” back to their work.

(For Ages 18+, Limit 12 Persons)

Coming Soon

Ongoing Programs with Eric Goins

Get the Help You Need When You Need It.

Whether you want audition coaching or professional guidance to assist in the pursuit of your career goals, Compass Actor Services is available when you need us. Eric has over 20 years in the industry and the local Atlanta market and the insight and experience to provide accurate, useful and comprehensive solutions for our clients. If you don’t see an appointment online that works for you, please send an email to to coordinate your session.

In-Person or zoom
Private Audition Coaching

Audition coaching emphasizing authentic, personal conversation between the actor and their partner.

In-Person or zoom
Career Consultation

Sit down for a 1-on-1 Consultation with Eric Goins to review recent audition tapes or plan for the future.

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